[Our main site is up www.panfurware.com]Producing and recording original music since 1997, Anthony Farrior AKA “Panfur” is a genre-bending producer from Philadelphia. He spent the bulk of the 2010s making music for mobile games created by his company PanfurWare LLC. He presently has over 40 singles on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube Music, and others… In 2015 he legally created PanfurWare LLC to put his App Development and IT Consulting under one company umbrella. In 2019 he pivoted to Music publishing and is now recognized as an official Music Publisher via ASCAP( as PanfurWare LLC), BMI ( as “PanfurWare LLC” doing business as “PanfurWare Music”) and SESAC (as “PanfurWare LLC” doing business as “PanfurWare Publishing”)

Having said that, PanfurWare LLC wants to make sure the Artists of today succeed as much as possible. PanfurWare LLC crafted it’s tech business to utilize today’s technology and does the same with it’s new Music Publishing company. PanfurWare LLC charges nothing upfront and only asks for a 70/30 cut (You 70%, PanfurWare LLC 30%) of any Sync Fees(when signed to a publishing deal) and a negotiable percentage of publishing rights in order to propel new artists via TV, Film, Advertising commercials, Podcast and all future forms of Synched Media coming down the proverbial road.